Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Glossary to an autobiography scrap
Anger: Personal loss...more mine than yours.

Black: independence. (Credits to thunderstorm)

Consent: incentive to persist.

Dance: See Dreams

Dreams: My intuitive life. Usually a unidimensional apparatus I enter and exit by my own free will. A multidimensional apparatus; builds on mutual or collective consent and faith.

Ebb: unpredicted but temporary. I remember my failures more than my successes.

Faith: I believe and what remains I achieve.

Family/Friends: Anchors. Teachers.

Grudge: I nurse till dusk and blow it away in the wind.

Habit: My demise.

Hug: My idea of resolving a conflict, difference, situation.

I: means to an end. concentric circle. nucleus in me. bites back without a bruise. Heals without a thread to connect. Fades into anonymity and resurfaces with a bang.

Jaded: Routine. See Habit.

Kali: My inner goddess

Love: unadulterated and all shapes, sizes and colors.

Mother: With a life-supply of credits to my biological mother, I am my own child.

Now: revisiting past, current moment, a winning instant, a losing second, nine-months in gestation, a year in preparation.

Om: the music in my ears.

Permanence: Zilch. Dreams change, so do I. It is consented sex today and rape of the mind tomorrow. Oceans dry, I am a mere tap.

Pretence: My social life.

Quest: purposive. as long as I last.

Sex: Strange EXpression to accentuate a list of L words. A gut feel says I maybe a dolphin at it.

Space: Vast and unrestricted expanses of trust.

Touch: Heals, calms and forgives.

U: I for you and You for I. My challenge. A friend. Alter Ego. Blood ties. The specks, dots, dash, curves and lines in my universe.

Vacuum: >> <<

An exercise: Clutter you mind with all you can think about. Tire yourself physically. Eat to the brim. Plug out.

We: The union. Relatioships. Me and my soul. See U and I

Written: Maktub. Say what you mean. Write as you speak. Think as you say. See as you envision. Live as you dream. Credibility. (Credits to a woman I know)

Xerox: photocopy moments. My only satchel to carry everywhere and out of here.

Yahweh: A song by the Irish rock group U2. I didnt know what it meant till I sang the song.

Zoic: My instincts. Thought pattern on Hungry days. Sexual needs.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006
Se7en Up
Seven things I plan to do before I die
>> Own a hummer, drive around on the Himalayan trail, sleep under the starlit wilderness, rise to Ra’s wake up call and splash into the Ganges.
>> Author a bestseller
>> Be a mom
>> Sky dive
>> Climb the Everest…ok, at least the base camp.
>> Pet a lion and a chimpanzee
>> Backpack the length and breadth of New Zealand

Seven Things I can do
>> Dream a life and live it
>> Think…unbound, beyond the obvious and out of the box
>> Dance without music
>> Play with words
>> Write/work with both hands…I am ambidextrous.
>> Let my eyes speak
>> Talk to nature

Seven Things I can’t do
>> gossip
>> ask for help
>> say ‘no’
>> reason
>> bargain
>> let go pink without a critical raised eyebrow

>> sing in public (And that makes for the 7th cant do. Thanks for the critical eye Shashi.)

Seven things I can't do without
>> Oxygen and sun

>> Books
>> Dancing

>> Attitude/opinion
>> Music

>> Rapid-fire sessions with the self
>> Zak

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex
>> kaleidoscope

>> dare
>> eyes
>> spaces
>> reaction time
>> cerebral ooze
>> independence

Seven Things I say most
>> Hainji
>> Whatever
>> okaayy
>> kindda
>> sure thing
>> some crap
>> I am Fayynnee

Seven Celebrity Crushes
>> John Travolta
>> Rahul Bose
>> Johnny Depp
>> Keanu Reeves
>> Roger Federer
>> Lance Armstrong
>> Antonio Banderas

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