Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Victory past midnight
Home wears a war-torn look this moment.

Scattered notepads, bathroom slippers, rolled newspapers, strips of medicine, mail envelopes, bedsheet et al.

Fresh out of a duel with a grasshopper. Illegal encroachment into my space was a bad proposal to make and s/he paid adequate for it to muse return.

Blunder 1: I was going about my business of scrubbing my teeth clean and s/he hopped and clung to my shin. The forgiving soul that I am, gently shirked it on the balcony wall so s/he returns to a waiting family of chunnu, munnu and monty.

Blunder 2: S/he flew back in through the balcony door instead of getting where it spelt home. Now, I dont particularly like misbehaved kids, bugs and mammals (read men) alike. It incensed the dormant jail-warden in me.

Blunder 3: The initial landing was on my bed. Men, mammals (other than men), bugs do not ever roost on my bed. And if they do, they get a mighty swat almost instantly. Kick follows a close second but most bugs (including men) usually fall flat at strike one. Kick rarely comes into play.

Intention: Gentle shove to drive her/him to return to Chunnu, Munnu and the grassland county. Also, to give up his/her illegal shack ideas.

Sequence of events: The shoving out of the bed met with a riotous fly-past of sorts...Big Boy, Vertical Charlie all rolled into one.

I hate it when I can't train my eye to rapid subject movement...resulted in a squint-eyed track down and one-tight slap. I dont do it to everybody but a NGC documentary crash-landing it was. Retired-hurt. I didnt mean to...but misbehavior costs more than oil wells can cough up for.

CMM ke pappa/mummy ought to know...it was victory past midnight. Though it resembled more of a street-fight. *wink*
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Sunday, June 11, 2006
The in-betweens
Moments between the Yes and No, the indecisive good and bad, the silken thread between demise and spirit. Snap and you fall, fling and you dangle, fondle and you be obsessed.

Birthday calls, sweet tea and muffin mornings, cartoon network breakfasts, chutney sandwiches, popcorn and cola noons, Barista lunches, breaks between ad marathons, pencil shavings, windscreen wipers, beads of sweat in panic, dimple chin that you seldom noticed, accidental showers, pizza nights, oddballs in amber liquid evenings, dancing weekends, creaking late-night doors, installment naps and borrowed dreams.

Every morsel enjoyed in its true native spirit. But the inane commonality is easier seen than explained. Not count the bits it will last, experience the life it comes packed with.

'Bigger', 'better', 'faster' and 'stronger' are widgets bearing functional resemblance to enhancement pills. The latter comes at a cost and refills can be picked off the shelf. Former's freeware open source and 'cant-do-without-its'.

Half-a-decade back I desired a world of my own with real action and actors. Half-a-decade later I only desire in-betweens.
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