Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Southern Sojourn
Note: This happened to me in Oct 2004 and I wanted to put it up for as long as the blog-let dates back to. The real publishing happened in January 2005. Not that I am accountable to someone like they tell you when you don't do your homework etc but just wanted to...

I made a trip to Chennai...when Marina Beach was simply a beach and people and celebs (yes!! they are different) were spotted happily going about the grind associated with any crowded Indian must-see. Actually, this would have made no sense if I published it some 10-days back. But post-Tsunami and endless stories of devastation, anybody comfortably placed on the Indian map (or those dotted across the globe) will know what I mean.

Stayed @ my aunt's place and the visit was today, gone tomorrow sorts. Oh and do you ask why?! Groom Hunt! C'mon you are over-acting, you can fade-out a little of that 'OHMIGOSH! they are dropping a hydrogen bomb' look.

Shoved the duffel bag into a dark-corner of the house and my kid sister (aunt's daughter) took me along to collect her report card from the school. What she wanted was a guardian figure and to her I seemed to fit the cast without no glitch. *Chuck the talk* I aint growing old...

Here's the scene inside the school premises exclusively as seen from my tool to vision:

Shortly before I stepped into the gates of St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School, a familiar face whizzed past me; grinning and comfortably perched pillion rider on a 'motor-cycle' (if you know what I mean). A kid...and I thought she was so satellite TV familiar. My kid sister helped execute an instant F5; told me she was this incessantly chuckling child-goddess portrayal on a Sun TV serial.

My mom is a dedicated viewer of all that Sun TV 'dishes' out...and do you need more reasons on why I refrain from commenting on the serial or the channel as is.

::half-done. to be continued::
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Monday, October 11, 2004
Undoing Expectations...expected?

So, what do you need from me?!? What do you see that feasts your expectations?! I have not wisdom tooth that you hope to find solutions (Nope. Not even a hint) to your ragbag. I have not a thing that you 'assume' meets your eye...not somebody who will get you out of your $^!%.

I am hear me?! I am too smitten with the anima to contemplate shrugging it off and listen to what you coo. Narcissistic to every ounce of bait you seek...every bead of sweat on the forehead...each bit of nail-clipping dispossessed when partially seated on that sunday matrimonial supplement...every furtive self-adoring glance in the mirror.

Right! I pretty well get the attraction bit, but do you understand that I do not have it in me to sustain your interest any beyond?!

[Loop]I think>I practise>I vacillate>I (temporarily) fade into anonymity[/Loop]

Expect more?!

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