Monday, January 26, 2009
Ex Sgt Mr S. Krishnamurthy - You were missed
Today is 26th January 2009, the 59th republic day of India.

You didn't wake me up at 8:00 in the morning and remind me a zillion times that I'd miss the parade. But I woke a good hour and half later and I didn't miss it today Pa. But you were missed.

The parade started in all its gradeur, valor and glitz. They began with the usual listing of all the presidents from since independence and you weren't here to talk about how Radhakrishnan, Venkataraman and A P J Abdul Kalam espoused the right causes and brought zest to the post at large. We didn't talk about how the parade needed to start an hour earlier than scheduled to let Shankar Dayal Sharma walk to the flag hoisting dias. You were missed.

Pratibha Patil hoisted the flag and you were missed, for we didn't talk about the flag knot or the why's of the salute or we didn't debate about whether to stand up in respect of the national song if one were under a ceiling.

They didn't showcase much tanks this year but I continued to wonder and missed asking you if there is a possibility the tank's gun mouth could open fire at the president or any of the others sitting behind the bulletproof screen. You weren't around to tell me about what goes into making bulletproof vests and screens.

We didn't rave about how the Indian Army and foot soldiers will win the contest of gallantry and courageous lives any day. Though you reserved your special corner for the Indian Air Force and its ways that shaped your life for a good 21 years.

The gorkha regiment looked brilliant and impeccably coordinated like always. I am not sure I saw Delhi Police walk the parade this year. I possibly missed the detail cz you were missed and I said so to Ma over phone.

There were no ex-servicemen parading this year. But I missed asking you yet again about why you never participated in the parade even though you received invitations year after year.

There were no bravery awardee kids atop elephants this year Pa. They resorted to packing them into a bunch of open jeeps.

A whole bunch of tableaux made it to this year's parade. Tamilnadu didn't display 'karagattam' (dancing with metal pots stacked on the head) like you always claimed Pa. They portrayed a 'teru kuththu' (street play) scene this year. It was colorful and Kathakali (a traditional dance form from Kerala) like.

Not many school kids performed this year. Just two and of course one by a zonal cultural group and other was a Delhi based school.

You were missed.

The fly past happened and even as the Big Boy formation (IL-76, two A-32s and two dorniers) inched towards Raisina Hill tears welled cz we didn't run up the stairs to see it live from atop our apartment right after we finished watching it on TV. An IL-78 and two sukhoi 30s formed - I think the “marker” formation. You weren't around to correct me. Arrowhead formation (5 Jaguars) followed soon. I still missed watching it live with you. Called Ma to check if she watched it live from the terrace...strangely, none flew from above our house this year.

And ultimately, our favorite moment of the parade unfolded. Three sukhois jetted past and split into a vertical charlie.

You were missed and missed a lot.

But I sent you a hug with the vertical charlie...hope you get it.


Your daughter
posted by Shivranjini Krishnamurthy @ 1/26/2009 03:19:00 PM  
  • At 9:20 PM, Blogger Anil Singhal said…

    very touching indeed!..THANKS FOR PUTTING SO NICELY IN SO FEW WORDS.. I was always fascinated by our Air Force! and I feel that you were so privileged to have your Papa in IAF!! .. and I do salute him for taking it up for the country and for all of us!

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