Monday, March 13, 2006
Strumming a Familiar Tune
Cricket strums the G,C, D chords of the Murthys. Oops sowwie ma, toss in the A and make it G, C, A,D chords please. Irrespective of the callus it leaves on finger tips (from excessive strumming), the household comes alive like a gig pad on most occasions. There are some concerts that sound like Slash on the rocks, some like Sivamani and his inseparable percussion, on days we have a bimbette gyrating on Himmesh Reshammiya's suroor crooning for XYZ cause, some resemble high dramatrix Indian Idol types and yet others are sheer trip to the bathroom on winter mornings...inconsequential.

For Ma, Srikanth is the best bowling talent from India. Till recent, she'd animatedly describe how Srikanth paced and blew the stumps off . I'd smile and wave it off cz then I was given to believe there was bad grammar somewhere. In reality, there was more than bad grammar. It was a case of swapping identities...all the while her details spanned the career graph of Srinath.

Wonder if she knows about Sreeshanth's cricketing career.

But that said, her interest in the game is about as much as the G, C or D chords strummed in the rest of us Murthys. She likes Kaif cz he can score of the bat, keep wickets and be a lightning bolt on the field. She thinks that's a lot of work on a field day.

Pa loves Pakistan on any day (loathes and detests them in his secret hide out). Any Indo-Pak match and he's just short of painting his face green in support and I and bhai go green in disgust and disbelief. The men of the house have had arguments on days and gone without food...courtesy, Sehwag derails some 'R' express or a Butt hitting his first ODI century.

Mom is the peacemaker on such bloodsport days cz your author is busy choking that laughter bubble in the throat.

Australia scores a close second on Pa's I like to watch 'em knock around list. India is in his somewhere in the dungeons list. But if you know him like I do, he just so loves to see his home country win and frustration denies expression when India's on the losing side.

Bhai and I like everything that sounds remotely flesh, on the face, in frames, in replay, the alpenliebe and gillete tickers, the endorsement ads, the statistics, the blue shirts and pink polka dot tie analysis.

umm...actually, we spell cricket with an 'I' and even 'T' on Idli days. Very Murthys thing to do that.

Oh and before I parcel this one to you, thanks a million to well-intended forwards, we just stopped betting on match highlights and reruns.

PS: Bhai, Pa n Ma...I missed you all while watching that Australia Vs South Africa match yesterday.
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