Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Of cacography and inferential bugs...

The recent fortnight had me witness incidents more than I could count with the supplied fingers...that I mostly wear shoes to work makes it pleonastic to state that the toes were little help in my abacus-fits.

What incidents, you may ask. I am enroute to that but I must pop a question before I proceed. NO!! it is not a marriage proposal and I aint asking you to loan out money either.

Who/what is a scribe? What does it take to keep one going? Umm...sowwie, that ended being two questions. Here, I'll try again - Who/What/How is scribe?! Spare my 'engleesss' but c'mon try and answer that one.

Now, a little founding...

I try to talk when I write and explain when conversing, which possibly is a blatant giveaway of my professional past. I do NOT remotely belong to the IT clan. Behold!! There is 'nothing'...nothing at all wrong about being one, just that I am not one. Yet, I work for an Indian IT major.

Now, this is in several ways intriguing to me as much as it would have gotten to be for you by now. And to say that I've actually lived 2 full years [not really, if you insist factual accuracy] as an 'outstanding' Technical Writer is adding platinum [cz I like the steel look over yellow gold] quills to a non-existent hat.

The incident bit...

Been getting more than a couple people in a 'working-week' telling me about how effective I deliver spoken words and/or written text.

It is interesting to note that I am delivering what I was hired for, BUT here's the grass...something my 'more than acquaintances' list will unanimously chorus - I can't say a word of what I want to. Nope! Not even write. The content may run into pages and the ink dry out but I will remain inexplicable. Having said so, I actually want to see how many vouch for that and agree to foot your coffee bill if you manage to break the jinx.

Looking OOTB...

I have a weird accent trouble. No! I do not sound anglicized nor do I sound anywhere close to a Yankee. And, my tongue-cleaner is put to effective use too.

How does that relate to anything [here]...

At the cost of having Edward De Bono tear his 'leftover' mane apart, that's my version of 'Lateral Thinking'. *wink*
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