Saturday, February 26, 2005
Things you wouldn't find me speak...

A hurricane for a life, with inherently snag-ridden preferences. It just crept in and snuggled close like a pup, all curled-up against you to feel your breath on him/her (depending on which one you find *wink*) and then you reel in a stand-still zone that warns - There is no tomorrow. You confront and ask, "Is that all to it??", "Should I take it on or do I hop past it?", "Why does sleep evade, when all I do is be calm?", "Why does the head throb in dissent, when all I do is have my way?"

Work place suddenly spells safe haven, an asylum to put all things to rest...though a limited offer. The other day, I used my ID/access card to open the door to my home. Yes! that's funny on the face but I don't know if I should clean up the act and if I must, what's it that I must clean and if there is more than one, should I be placing things on a priority list, yanking them off the shelf and gun them down....crucifixion!!

While I proudly swear by relativity on everything people offer on a platter to discuss, I seem to have landed some rough weather in my claims. It is a confusing lot and I feel like a lost kitten purring enough to free itself from the mess it spun around with the ball of wool.

I don't call it 'getting weighed down' or choose to complain about how 'unfair' life's getting to be.

Having sworn not to get addicted to anything/anybody, it is smothering to seek refuge in anything material (nicotine, alcohol, acid) or human. The self-defined barriers just seem to get the better of can't give in and you can't put up a face like nothing happened.

I loathe and detest crying foul, hate to wear that moth-eaten look, but that's what I seem to have offered so far. FO to all that.

Here...something nice and readable >> Feb 19th was what I am allowed to call CHILL OUT day. Went to the GIR and the place rocked as ever...sparing a few people who strayed a little too far from a nearby wedding ground. Well, they didnt survive the snipe too long that could get 'em to resemble the 'us' and 'them' divide...either shred to zilch and stirred in or vaporized and sniffed in by one of those doing drugs.

Will talk to you on a better day. :-)
posted by Shivranjini Krishnamurthy @ 2/26/2005 10:32:00 AM  
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