Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Southern Sojourn
Note: This happened to me in Oct 2004 and I wanted to put it up for as long as the blog-let dates back to. The real publishing happened in January 2005. Not that I am accountable to someone like they tell you when you don't do your homework etc but just wanted to...

I made a trip to Chennai...when Marina Beach was simply a beach and people and celebs (yes!! they are different) were spotted happily going about the grind associated with any crowded Indian must-see. Actually, this would have made no sense if I published it some 10-days back. But post-Tsunami and endless stories of devastation, anybody comfortably placed on the Indian map (or those dotted across the globe) will know what I mean.

Stayed @ my aunt's place and the visit was today, gone tomorrow sorts. Oh and do you ask why?! Groom Hunt! C'mon you are over-acting, you can fade-out a little of that 'OHMIGOSH! they are dropping a hydrogen bomb' look.

Shoved the duffel bag into a dark-corner of the house and my kid sister (aunt's daughter) took me along to collect her report card from the school. What she wanted was a guardian figure and to her I seemed to fit the cast without no glitch. *Chuck the talk* I aint growing old...

Here's the scene inside the school premises exclusively as seen from my tool to vision:

Shortly before I stepped into the gates of St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School, a familiar face whizzed past me; grinning and comfortably perched pillion rider on a 'motor-cycle' (if you know what I mean). A kid...and I thought she was so satellite TV familiar. My kid sister helped execute an instant F5; told me she was this incessantly chuckling child-goddess portrayal on a Sun TV serial.

My mom is a dedicated viewer of all that Sun TV 'dishes' out...and do you need more reasons on why I refrain from commenting on the serial or the channel as is.

::half-done. to be continued::
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