Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Sprouts from a mustard seed brain

Extracts from my diary entry dated 16th Sep, 2005:

...Captive plants in pots of concrete wear an unusual green today. The pink and white of the bougainvillea dance to the tune of pitter-patter from two days. The brick-red of the surrounding residential blocks all bathed in a dark and light contrast. Pigeon and Inc. staying in pocket holes of the opposite block all huddle on one another; a couple frets over losses to the nest for their hatchlings will be here any time soon. Another pair calls it the right time to make out and cuddle into.

Helios is out of office today; for the towering darkmen have decided to encroach his territory. The black army is agile and the odd one even sports a cunning look that threatens to bring down torrents to leave all awash. There are the giant ones that form a mighty grabbing hand, out to grip you by the throat and dangle in the air like a ragdoll...
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Chicken Soup for writer's block: I am tagged!!

The word-limit (in)effectively pursued from count NOW:

The wind dribbles the faint scent from the overlooking ridge into livid pores of concrete. A flaming red caffeine-stained mug rests on the parapet as she drags a checkered bean bag into the sparsely furnished confines of her living room. Ra dons a deep saffron as the glass door obeys her gentle yet firm thrust. A rewarding day at work...another page flips in the life of an author - Nida.

I tag The Sambhavika, The Sam, The Pritpaw, The Mawa, The Vivek, The Rishabh and The Aparna.

posted by Shivranjini Krishnamurthy @ 9/27/2005 12:17:00 PM   1 comments
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