Monday, February 16, 2004
Take a I did


Nice to see myself back from a slumber. I know you welcome that too...unless u inherited half-a-dozen dog bones and a toothless comb from you granny or feel like a sick boar protesting for civil rights. Now, as ever, I don't know what that remark means but I am sure you are smarter than me.

That I am wide awake, let me contemplate telling you about Murli (or Muralidharan for the Madraasi effect), an opthalmologist, who wants to sell his peace and buy a fiery red Ferrari (read Wife) and my experiments with G-C-A-D on my guitar (u better keep that autograph book ready awwrite?!?) and my best friend's wedding (well, not was just boy meets girl's parents) and the car blast outside my house, which had the driver and co. jumping out of the window bollywood-ishtyle and about being a blood donor (that weighing machine was grossly wrong...I mean I CANNOT weigh 60 KILOS in my dreams).

Half-a-dozen books on the rack and a few more scattered around my room. Thanks to somebody's unassuming remark, I slurp the ooze from two books a day (one when I travel to and from my office and the other before i put my lights off for the nite). I just woke up to realize...maybe i will not be allowed this luxury for ever. I mean, it can be your boss expecting you to stay late and finish the job, or your mom simmering over how not-to make Aaloo-Gobhi (okay!! make that Sambarr or wateva) your kid asking you to help him/her with that solar-cooker model or the maid going on a SICK leave or the sales-guy swearing on turning you into a gadget-savvy usually realize that moron bit only after you paid for that food-processor that does the same job as that of your Juicer-Mixer-Grinder u bought at the consumer-fair or the Mixie you inherited from your mother. **** you!! I am NOT here to tell you all this...I forget, I AM.

Guys! take a I did.

PS: Is anybody going to the world book fair?? Talk to ME
posted by Shivranjini Krishnamurthy @ 2/16/2004 01:49:00 PM  
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