Sunday, August 10, 2003
Amicable Divorce

Something that rightfully belongs to ME is no more so.

When I say MY friend or brother or sister and so on, they may indeed go on to occupy that invisible but existent seat in the sub-conscious that facilitates recognition on every meeting. While the truth remains, that they are all individual units of life, even the so-called soul-mate and other host of related strong-chords.

A piece of ME was forcibly yanked out yesterday; very much on the lines of terminating a relationship gone sore. After all the crying foul and throwing tantrums, it was an amicable divorce. While I write this, the pain caused by the loss hasn’t receded. In fact…it has left a little vacuum in my conscious state of affairs.

*Phew* so much for a lost tooth.

PS: I insisted on carrying the tooth home but the judge (dentist) ruled against it. He clarified that it would stink…much as a hackneyed human-bond.


While at it…Hitler’s MANLY inheritance is up for sale. Intriguingly, it was part of a Russian soldier’s memorabilia. Now, who wants to go for it, unless, somebody is on the look out for a DEADLY ****. N even at that, I firmly believe that there are enough Indian men who’d assure you of LIVELY pleasure. Don’t take my word, make a go at it…umm a piece of suggestion-make sure you board a reasonably crowded bus in Delhi, the national capital of India.
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